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      For its size Portugal has a fantastic variety of towns and cities worth visiting - and the good part is they aren't too far from each other! There is elegant architecture in Lisbon and rambling 'olde worlde' charm in Porto. Whitewashed villages with a hint of the Moorish in the south and the fairytale castles of Sintra...

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      With around 600 miles of coast, much of which is sandy beach, Portugal is a beach-goer's paradise. Check out our beach guide to find some of the best beaches in Portugal

      Things to do

      Regardless of whether you're a fan of cities, historic buildings, culture or the great outdoors you'll be spoilt for choice in Portugal.

      Fascinating History

      Portugal has a rich history from prehistoric to modern times. One of the ancient Celtic nations, Portugal history includes the Romans, Moors, the age of Discoveries and the last dictator in Western Europe.

      Portugal is a country with something for everyone. From historic cities such as Porto and Coimbra to the rich cultural centre that is Lisbon, Portugal is crammed full of museums, monuments and stunning architecture.

      If cities aren't your thing then there is stunning countryside a plenty on offer. Perhaps best known are the national park in Geres or the Douro Valley near Porto. For something in the middle try the magical town of Sintra with its hilltop, fairy tail palace and ancient castle.

      Holidays in Portugal are usually conjure up pictures of beautiful Algarvian beaches. With the highest amount of sunshine in Europe it is easy to see why the Algarve remains such a popular holiday destination.

      Beyond the shores and beaches of Portugal lie the islands of Madeira and the Azores. Both are verdant jewels in the Atlantic ocean with dramatic cliffs and landscapes.

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        • Lisbon

          8 C / 46 F Partly cloudy
        • Porto

          5 C / 41 F Partly cloudy
        • Portimo

          11 C / 51 F Clear sky
        • Funchal

          15 C / 59 F Clear sky

      Accommodation in Portugal

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      Portugal's beaches

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